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Jyothika and Revathi look cute in the cowboy hat

Actresses Revathy and Jyothika have teamed up to deceive you with their upcoming roller coaster Jackpot. The film will be released on August 2nd. As the release date approaches, the producer has released two new character posters that appeal to you. In the poster we saw, Jyothika and Revathy were in the denim head. Both Revathy and Jyothika can wear checkered shirts and denim and leather holsters at the waist. But don’t miss the cowboy hat. Revathy and Jyothika look cool in these posters. But we want to know if they play the police or bounty hunters in the movie!
Jyothika and Revathi look cute in the cowboy hat
When the producer gave up the first poster of the film, we saw Revathy and Jyothika wearing khaki uniforms and elegant pilots. But the new posters puzzle us but we are interested in hell. It completely depicts a different picture, and we absolutely admire them. In Jackpot, Jyothika plays Akshaya and Revathy will play the role of Masha.
Interestingly, Kovai Sarala was the initial choice for this character, but eventually went to Revathy. In fact, it is Sarah who proposed the name of Revath to the manufacturer. In addition to Revathy and Jyothika, the film will also star in Mottai Rajendran, Yogi Babu, Anandraj, Mansur Ali Khan and Jegan. Jackpot was produced by Jyothika’s husband and actor Suriya’s company 2D Entertainment.

Speaking of release, Jackpot locked the corner with Kolaiyuthir Kaalam of Nayanthara at the ticket window. Nayanthara’s film will be released on August 1, and Jackpot will be released on August 2. It will be a thriller and a southern black comedy, and it’s fun to see which movie performs better at the box office.

At the same time, Jyothika also filmed this unnamed film with her brother-in-law Karthi, a relaxed comedy movie. The film is at the helm of Jeethu Joseph and may be released in late August or September.

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