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From Ram Charan’s fast Mumbai tour to Saaho video game

From Ram Charan’s fast Mumbai tour to Saaho video game, this is what happened
Mumbai tour to Saaho video game
At the end of the week, let’s take a look at what makes headlines and excites movie lovers. In an interesting development, Saaho’s manufacturer announced that it will design a video game based on the film. Although it is revealed that Tamil star Ajith Kumar will participate in the 45th National Shooting Competition and Thala fans are very dissatisfied, but Kajal Aggarwal’s hardcore fans have been cheated by the swindlers for 600,000 rupees, they promised to meet them. star. Visiting the Saaho video game from Ram Charan’s fast Mumbai, this is what happened this week:

Kajal Aggarwal fans fall into fraud:
The crazy fan of Kajal Aggarwal from Ramanathapuram paid a meeting of 600,000 rupees and the actress’s promise, and later he realized that he was cheated. All of this was exposed after a few days of his disappearance and was later discovered by the police in Calcutta. Be careful guys!

Ramcharan in Mumbai:
RRR star Ramcharan quickly visited Mumbai and was found at the airport. The actor’s photo spread on social media, letting fans want to know why he is in the city. It turns out that Charan’s post-production work on Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy in Mumbai, featuring his father Chiranjeevi and making it himself. He also interviewed his friend Kiara Advani on his birthday.
Vikram’s 25 looks like:
Chiyaan Vikram will work with Imaikka Nodigal director Ajay Gnanamuthu and preparations are in full swing. Although this is happening, it is said that Vikram will present up to 25 different looks in the film, which is touted as an action artist. The largest number of Indian actors plays the role of 10 people, namely Kamal Haasan. Can Vikram pull it down from this stage and impress his fans?

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