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Vodtamil.com does not upload any video/media files to any online video hosting provider or any video/media file sharing site. We only link to the free content provided by the public internet domain. These links are also easily found through Internet search. The owner or webmaster of this website does not assume any responsibility/obligation for the content appearing on this website, as we have no connection with the original uploader.
If you are the copyright owner of the content, you should first notify the video hosting provider (Dailymotion, youtube, megavideo, yahoo video, etc.) and ask them to delete the content. In addition, you can ask us to delete content using the information below. Please note that it may take up to a week for us to verify the claim and remove any content. You can more easily contact the video hosting service directly because they can easily verify your claim. Fill out the form below to provide us with information to verify your claim and remove any copyrighted content. We respect all copyright holders and remove their copyrighted work.