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Ahan Shetty starts shooting for Tadap today, confirming director Milan Luthria

Ahan Shetty starts shooting for Tadap today, confirming director Milan Luthria

The RX 100 Hindi remake, tentatively named Tadap, has been playing the longest in the news. The director of Milan Luthria marks the first appearance of Bollywood’s son, Ahan Shetty, of Suneil Shetty. The young guy will see the romantic second-year student Tara Sutaria, who can’t wait to see the duo on the big screen. For those who are excited to watch Tadap, here are some interesting news. Ahan Shetty is about to start shooting the film, and he will start doing it today. Tadap is going upstairs today in a screen theater in southern Mumbai, which will be a short timetable. After posting this news, a large part of the film will be filmed at Mussorie.

Ahan Shetty starts shooting for Tadap today

After confirming the news, director Milan Luthria told Mumbai Mirror that “Ahan’s role is to run a cinema there. The scene of the timetable starts to be a lot of drama.” He added that the film’s first timetable visit included a visit from Navrang to many cinemas in Aurora, Deepak and Novelty. However, the staff finally determined the central square because it was neither fashionable nor retro.

When Ahan Shetty started shooting for Tadap today, his co-star Tara Sutaria will join him and the team later. However, today’s team lunch will show beauty. “She will attend the lunch on the first day, but not part of the shoot,” Milan said.

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Tadap is the RX 100 in Teluguic Hindi remake, this is a love story. Speaking of his project plot, Milan added, “Being a candy floss romance doesn’t seem to be suitable for guys like Ahan. I and Jid are an ad, where the film is twisted and twisted in a dramatic, action and confrontation way. I like this one. Original film, we have adjusted according to the feelings of the Hindi audience. This is a dramatic and unexpected story.”

On the other hand, producer Sajid Nadiadwala admits that he has a sense of responsibility when he launches a new face in the industry. “The RX 100 is different from the one we made recently. That is to say, Ahan is ready and completes his homework. I think this is a good start and very nostalgic (Suniel’s first film signed as an actor is Sajid’s work) Waqt Hamara Hai). I hope that the audience will love his talents like Milan,” Sajid said.

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